Our family has been living on the island of Saint Kitts* since 2014 and it has been such an adventure so far. We’ve learned a great deal about ourselves and how to appreciate the world around us. Sometimes the realizations we’ve faced haven’t been an easy pill to swallow but we’ve grown so much and become much more open-minded and accepting. I never thought, when I met my husband that, one day, we’d be living on a tiny island in the Caribbean with friends from all over the world that I trust as much as my own family but I’ve learned to never say never.

I guess some might wonder what brought us here and I’d have to say fate. One day while I was at work at the small commercial printing company (Wordsprint) where I had been working for over 16 years, my husband texted me that he had received a random email from a headhunter giving him details about a job at the Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine. He asked me if I’d be interested in moving to the Caribbean and I said “sure”. Never thinking it would happen, we started on the journey of interviews and five months later we quit our jobs and made the big move. Luckily for us, the RUSVM community is filled with so many kind and caring people from the island and abroad so after some bumps and bruises that first year, we finally settled into our new life as expats. We have never looked back.

For the sake of our families back in the US, I decided to start this blog and, though my posts have been sporadic, I hope you’ll enjoy what you read here. I have also started to add some of my favorite photos as I continue to learn more about the art of photography. I particularly enjoy photographing people doing what they love. It is an art though, so I still have much to learn.

Welcome to the journey as we enjoy this crazy adventure called the Life of Kylie.

*Located in the West Indies, Saint Kitts is a beautiful little island that is part of the Federation of Saint Christopher and Nevis.


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