My name is Kim and this blog will be about my adventures with my husband and daughter while we are living on the island of Saint Kitts. Located in the West Indies, Saint Kitts is a beautiful little island that is part of the Federation of Saint Christopher and Nevis. I never thought, when I met my husband eleven years ago that I’d be living in the Caribbean at the age of 42 with a three year old in tow but I’ve learned to never say never.

I guess some might wonder what brought us here and I’d have to say fate. One day while I was at work at the small commercial printing company (Wordsprint) where I had been working for over 16 years, my husband texted me that he had received a random email from a headhunter giving him details about a job at the Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine. He asked me if I’d be interested in moving to the Caribbean and I said “sure”. Never thinking it would happen, we started on the journey of interviews and five months later we quit our jobs and made the big move.

So, for the sake of our families back in the US and my sanity as a suddenly “stay at home mom”, I decided to start this blog. I hope you’ll enjoy what you read here as we enjoy this crazy adventure called the Life of Kylie.


  1. Kimberly Dawn — I’m so excited about your blog… So excited about what you are doing and simply amazed at your strength! I’m proud to know you and can’t wait to read more. Thank you for sharing your adventures – I’m still a little freaked out that your other babies had to take off and land 3 times!!! but they were as strong as you and made it thru just fine!! Keep sharing – we love you! And have some fun too when you can… All the best!!


  2. Wow, our stories really are the same! We even have a 3 year old boy. Not sure how you found my blog but thanks for the add! I look forward to following your island adventure.
    Here’s some funny similarities:
    We moved to an island, in January, with a 3 y/o (and a 1 y/o), we had 2 dogs but I was too scared to fly them in January out of Ohio. We had record low temps this winter. So, sadly we adopted them out 😦
    Anyways. Good luck and have fun blogging!


    1. I actually found your blog on a link for another blog I just began following: Fast Times in Alaska

      I’m sorry you weren’t able to take your dogs with you. I couldn’t imagine being here without ours. They’re my second and third children. We did have to leave our four cats behind though. We gave our kitten to a friend whose four year old daughter had lost her “best friend” cat last fall. They bonded instantly which made letting him go easier. My in-laws are keeping the other three older cats for us. They keep saying they’re not “cat people” but it’s funny to hear the stories they tell us about them. 🙂

      My husband is a home-brewer and was involved in a startup micro-brewery back home for awhile. He and the guy he was working on it with had some creative differences (mainly because the guy’s beer sucked) and they decided to part ways. The sad thing about this particular island is that there is no good beer here. They do have a brewery on the island but it’s kinda like Carona mixed with Bud Lite (it’ll do on a really hot day but not worth much otherwise). He is also Scotch-Irish so we hope to someday make it to both countries to explore his roots. I look forward to hearing more about your adventures in Ireland. Maybe it’ll help us plan our trip. 🙂


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